Achievements so far

Child sponsorship programme

The Mpora Rural Family Home currently sponsors 120 orphaned or vulnerable children from exceptionally poor families in the area. It caters for their schooling, medical and essential needs. The home takes on pre-schoolers and sponsors them beyond secondary education, sometimes a 15 year commitment. Many children live at the MRFH itself. The children's achievements so far include:

  • Over 20 have completed their academic studies and obtained employment.
  • One young man had successfully trained to be a teacher, another is at a top University and another is completing training at a seminary.
  • Several others are taking A levels, an opportunity that they could never have imagined benefiting from without sponsorship

uganda child sponsorshipThe hope is that each of these success stories will in their turn help others from the Kichwamba community ensuring that the rewards reaped from fundraising are sustained on a long term basis.

Want to sponsor a child’s education?

It costs about $120 to pay for school fees, accommodation, meals, uniform and books for a child per year. If you can help by making a donation please get in touch. Contact us

Building community resources

Before the Mpora Rural Family Home children who were lucky enough to receive an education had to complete a 30 km round trip often on foot each day to reach their local school. The project aimed to address this and undertook the construction of intially a village primary school and later a secondary school from scratch. The project runs and oversees a number of community resources:

  • The Kisanga Valley Primary School initially opened its doors to 99 pupils on the 13th February 2005. Today 300 local children have the chance to learn to read and write and develop numeracy skills in this friendly and welcoming school.
  • The Moons Vocational Secondary school has now been educating young people in the area for over 5 years and has grown five-fold to accommodate around 500 students annually.
  • The Mpora Rural Family Home has since built and stocked a library used by the whole community, where the children can study and complete homework tasks in a safe and clean environment.

In addition this has created employment for 34 teaching and 10 non-teaching staff in the schools.

uganda water catchmentuganda agriculturewater catchment

Sustainable farming and agricultural techniques

The Mpora Rural Family Home has developed the farm land around to primarily support the child sponsorship programme enabled children to achieve a balanced diet through subsistence farming. The farming and agricultural programme's achievements have also included:

  • improving agricultural practices in the community through demonstrating sustainable crop planting method
  • the planting of 9000 trees as part of an environmental conservation programme
  • helping to stimulate the local economy by using and promoting local produce such as cultivating crops like yams and ground nuts on an extensive basis to sell and generate income
  • development of a fish farm that harvests over 500 nutritious (and lucrative) tilapia fish
  • providing opportunities for children to learn agricultural techniques and animal husbandry

In addition this has created employment for local families working on the farming and agricultural projects

Want to find out how you can help please visit Donate. The Mpora Rural Family Home is looking for donations of time, ideas, support and resources.




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